As businesspersons, our clients find that navigating the business world while optimizing business performance is the key to success. We assist our clients in knowing which laws pertain to their businesses, and ensure compliance. We guide and assist our clients with transactional matters. When litigation is required, we are by your side to advise and represent.


Simply put, any “for profit” business must collect what it is rightfully owed in order to prosper and grow. Amounts owed may be due from customers, or may accrue under sophisticated business deals. Unfortunately, there are times when amounts owed go unpaid. Regardless of the reason, non-payment affects your bottom line. We know the law governing collections. We will promptly and aggressively act on your behalf to collect any amount rightfully owed.


For growth and success, our clients often find themselves in need of office space, warehouses, retail store space, or other property. Local and state regulations and statutes impact all aspects of a commercial real estate deal including financing, purchase, development and construction, environmental, sales or leasing. We advise our clients each step of the way –  from property evaluation, to negotiation, to the purchase, sales or lease agreement – to ensure that your interests are protected.


Our clients in the construction industry – whether owner, general or sub-contractor, or supplier — utilize our services to navigate the complex waters of Federal, State and Local law. Ensuring that our clients’ legal issues and risk are mitigated or resolved efficiently and effectively is what we do best. Conflict resolution is multi-faceted, and may touch upon numerous areas of law including but not limited to aspects of contract law, commercial law, municipal law, and environmental law. We have the legal expertise in each of these areas to put your mind at ease.


Whether you are a business owner, contractor, entrepreneur, or non-profit community organization, insurance policies are one of the most complex and costly aspects of your business. We are adept at counseling as to whether or not your existing coverage is appropriate for your business. Unfortunately, coverage disputes sometimes arise. When this occurs, we promptly and quickly advise you as to whether coverage exists under your policy. If it doesn’t, we will explore all legal remedies. We keep our client’s best interest top of mind, and our team advises, guides, and ensures that satisfactory dispute resolution is achieved.  

Who We Represent. Wisconsin businesses, business owners, and entrepreneurs in both transactional matters and disputes in and out of court.

Working with the Law Offices of Michael J. Anderson is different. There are significant advantages to hiring a small law firm for your business needs. Our goal is to develop a trusted, long-term relationship with you in an effort to identify, mitigate, and resolve matters together. Our office is small enough that your case will not be handed off or passed to lawyers who do not have experience with both trial issues and practical business matters.